Roof Coating

How does it work? It is perhaps an obvious point but roofs take a lot of punishment from the weather, and the cumulative impact over years or decades can be significant. In winter, temperatures can fall well below zero, inviting frost damage as water embedded in the surface turns to ice. In summer, roof temperatures can build to over 50 degrees C, which in combination with intense U.V light, degrades colouring. And of course, it can rain for prolonged periods at any time of year, inviting moss and mould growth to expand. The net impact of all these factors can include: -1. The original weather resistant coating wears away from the tile surface -2. The tiles lose their colour vibrancy and water-proofing -3. The freeze/thaw cycle delaminates ever larger particles -4. The concrete or clay softens, allowing organic growth to take hold -5. Moss in particular embeds in the substrate and becomes its own water reservoir -6. The root systems further degrade the tile surface -7. The moisture-laden moss exacerbates frost damage, promoting further delamination -8. After heavy downpours, moss dislodges taking the tile surface with it, eventually blocking gutters

Flexible Roof Coating

Nevertheless, it is perfectly feasible to reverse the decay cycle using the Kolourseal system and to restore both the appearance of the roof and its essential waterproof qualities. In fact with the correct preparation and application methods, Kolourseal should provide a better quality finish than the tiles had from new. However, we should perhaps not congratulate ourselves too greatly for this. Roof tiles were historically manufactured “down to a price”, which meant that basic colouring was “flashed over” in a single coat at the end of the production line. Additionally, a tile made in the eighties obviously does not benefit from the polymer technology found in Kolourseal today! Kolourseal is micro-porous, allowing moisture vapour to pass through the film from the roof substrate to the atmosphere while remaining impervious to rainwater penetration. This permeability function prevents blistering, delamination and premature adhesion failure when the system is installed correctly. Kolourseal is also UV light resistant and thus combats the sun’s fading action, helping the coating to retain its colour over long periods. Additionally, the adhesion provided by our premium grade, elastic polymer prevents cracking and flaking. Installed under the correct conditions and procedures, Kolourseal will provide long term weather protection for at least 10 years. Potential applications include: Domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings fitted with: • Concrete Roof Tiles • Clay Roof Tiles (except “Rosemary” Tiles) • Artificial Slate • Asbestos Sheets & Tiles


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